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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
I have to admit to not seeing ANY of my pellets land at the tin chickens I take a pot shot at. From 8mag too 80mag I dont see none!! Well unless I`m the the first person to shoot at it and assuming I hit the plate. There are times when I cant even see the plate through the long grass! never mind the pellet.
Therefore, I have to conclude that my club coach and FT guru the one and only Mr Daniels is right in his summary of my shooting, and I quote, "Gilly your techniques Sh*t, get off your crap!"
Lets just hope I can keep knocking more down than the "Fish man" though??
Well up to now in the gp series, after six shoots uve hit 256 targets and ive hit 257, so in conclusion, your to short, your technique is crap and ive hit more targets than u my dwarf like friend oh yes i see about 75% of my shots land, prob due to the fact i can shoot a spring gun reasonably well, follow through needed with a twanger
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