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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Did you use the piece off the front of the stock to make the hamster? Very clever. That's it - I'm taking the plunge and ordering a blank.

Paul, do you find that your files/rasps load up with any of the glue from the laminates or does it work out OK?

Thanks for continuing to post these....I love watching how things come together. Final question - where did you get the hardware for the checkpiece and the hamster? Can't find anything like those off the shelf.

Yes, there's just enough spare wood off the forend to make a hamster out of.
To be honest i've only done the last one and this one so far... my electric chisel blade seemed to be getting blunt so i've sharpened it up again, it cut fine up until the chisel died on me. It's in for a possible repair, a wire has snapped off of the motor.
All the straight cuts i can make with a regular hand saw, but i got a local firm to cut me the cheekpiece and hamster section out on their bandsaw as i don't have one myself yet. I cut the thin piece from the right hand side of the stock, and the other extra pieces that i needed to remove with the hand saw.
It is a bit harder than walnut but it's not too much of a hassle to sand or work with.
The adjuster mechanism's were made by a local club member, you need to find someone local who's good with the lathe/machining.
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