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Default Top Tip Hotshot

One thing I would suggest to anyone struggling to see the pellet strike is to try moving your sidewheel a small amount before taking the shot. For example - if you range the target at 50 yards but alter the PA setting to 45 yards before taking the shot.

Depending on your mag - the target picture will still be fine (I could do this with a 45x Leup Comp).

I saw a lot more pellet in flight / strikes using this method.

The pellet enters the focus range earlier and stays in it through to the target - if you leave the focus set at the target distance then you only catch sight of the pellet in the last couple of yards.

I had a go at this tonight and although the condition's were good with sun behind me,i have to say it make's it a lot easier to pick up the pellet flight.
Thank's for a top tip
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