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Originally Posted by Danladi View Post
Cheers again for the info, I've been to two hft shoots so far scoring a 52 and then a 55 the week after. Well pleased!

It's also very clear which shots I need to work on which is a bonus. It tends to be the close-range reduced targets that i struggle with. The problem is that the aiming points differ so much even between an 8 and a 10 yarder. And a 15mm killzone isn't exactly forgiving :P

With that said, bracketing at close range seems alot more effective for range finding.

Are there any other tricks for range-finding to within a yard at close range?
All the answers are in the rangefinding manual

15mm kills aren't legal under UKAHFT rules sub 13 yards - and a 13 yard 15mm kill is a pretty straightforward shot - just aim at it.

The smallest kill sub 13 yards is a 20mm and thankfully they are a bit more forgiving than a 15mm. If you check Chairgun or your own holdover charts you should be able to squeeze a pellet into a 20mm kill if you play the odds on range - basically aim top of kill and it should take it down unless you have quite high mounts.

For rangefinding, ranging by eye is about the most accurate and reliable method on the really close ones and even if you're a couple of yards out you should still be able to sneak a pellet into the kill.

From the manual, you could also try the pacing the target out trick - by imagining the target to be on an arc and just extend that arc out onto the shooting line and then pace the distance to that point.

What you'll find though is one of the main reasons people miss the really close ones is parallax error - that's a whole other subject.

Well done on your scores btw
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