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Originally Posted by PJHIZZLE View Post
Hi springer enthusiasts!

What would you say is the best springer? I will be on the lookout for a decent springer in the near future and have narrowed it down to either the TX200 or the HW77 (laminate stock) but I could be persuaded to check out others. I will be using it mainly for plinking, probably without scope but not sure yet.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.
The best springer would have to be a Whiscombe, or FWB 300.
Of the two you mention, for the use you want then that just leaves the HW77 as the TX doesn't have open sights. Look also at the HW57 as it too has open sights fitted. Not sure about the Diana's, BSA's etc...
As to the ever ongoing TX v's HW debate.. it doesn't really matter, shoot whichever one suits you BEST, that's the BEST ONE! Not the one that someone else recomends, the one that last won the outer mongolian champoinships.. etc...

When i started shooting boingers again i bought an AA Pro-sport, purely because i liked the look of them, shot it a few years, had it V-MACH'd and it was great, won some stuff with it and generally enjoyed shooting the gun. But i never had the trigger set up exactly as I wanted it, i even enlisted the help of a couple of AA savvy shooters to set it up for me, all to no avail.
So when i got ready for a change i bought a HW97K, accuracy wise i couldn't tell the difference, neither are particularly difficult to strip and work on, but personally i found the HW's trigger much easier for me to adjust and set up. I also don't get any POI shift/hold sensitivity when changing position with the HW like i did with the PS. But that's just me, and my personal experience with the guns i've owned.
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