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Originally Posted by simone View Post
I to was punished by the welsh GP but I think it was the hardest course I've shot since the welsh GP last year :-)

Someone mentioned on here earlier about 'seeing pellets land' - I almost never ever see a pellet land, whether I shoot on 20 or 50 mag - yet I understand that some people see every pellet come in to land so they can adjust their aim point accordingly, which would obviously be a great help at a course as varied as Wales. My eyesight isnt that bad - so I'm wondering if it really is possible to see every pellet land - any thoughts?
Hi up simone . all though we call our PCPs recoiless , they not altogether so . you have jetting to contend with . this small distuirbance can make it difficult to see the pellet in flight . also instead of a high mag , a lower one and clarity is better . when you go to springfield next . go onto the zero range , bench rest the rifle on your bean bag . get a good grip on you rifle , turn the mag to twenty and put 50 yards on the sidwheel . there is a new 50 yard board with 20 mil holes in it , with backing plates . concentrate and shoot at either one of the holes or a pellet mark . you should after a while see the pellet hit the target and bounce back . once you have seen it once you will know what to look for and be able to see it more often . also you could pinch keiths 8002 shutz , which is as near recoiless as you can get . luck HOLLY
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