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Default None of the poll options are what I would pick...

None of the poll options cover my answer.

I like to shoot with higher grade shooters than myself especially the AA grades.

I find it of great value to shoot with a shooter who is of a higher grade, not only does it bring my game up, but I have found it a brilliant way of learning about the sport, the techniques, the rules and also the shooters who have been at this game a few years provide a reasurring companion to shooters more new to the sport.

When I first started at the GP's I knew very few people (even if many people knew who I was!!! ). Although I had been shooting since I was 3, I was also new to the FT sport as such and so was always nervous, and had so much to learn (still do and will do for some time yet!!!). Going out to do a sport that you are still learning and with people you know is daunting, and being paired up with AA/A shooters for GP's greatly benefited me personally allowing me to relax knowing I could ask for help if I was unsure and learn more about the sport I enjoyed doing.

I have found that shooting especially with the AA chaps they have always been more than happy to give advice, tips and reassurance. It is also very reasurring when you have a knowledgable partner who spots when your gun may be acting up or spotting that you are doing something which is causing issues. This can be invaluable in avoiding big dents in confidence of lower grade shooters as understanding a problem means not loosing confidence but gaining knowledge and overall improvement so continued participation.

Also when you get placed with shooters outside of your grade it is a good way of meeting more and more shooters on the circuit. It is not and should never be an elitist competition (elite in the way the best guys win, but not elitest in segmenting the best away from the rest of the field) so I do not think that all the AA shooters should be placed together away from the rest of the competitiors. Mixing up the pairings is good for compitition, learning and for the continuing social element that is a part of FT enjoyed by all grades.

Sorry have just realised I have waffled..... still off work... time on ones hands!!!!

Overall I have relished being paired with high graded shooters. I soak up any knowledge they give and it gives me a chance to simply watch different styles of shooting.
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