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Default Pulling your shooting apart

After, what was to me anyway, a poor performance at Tondu's GP I spent yesterday at the club pulling my shooting apart to get to understand the reason behind it.

First step pellets. Use JSB's 4.52 and have weighed them to have a +/- 1.7% variation ( 8.3 - 8.6gr from an average of 8.45) mainly to screen out the wildly different ones as I have come across some 7.1gr pellets imagine putting that through the chrono.

All are lubed to the same amount so shot 3 groups of 5 straight from my select bag from a rested position at a set of target cards 50yds away. Repeated this with sized 4.49 and 4.48. After this I got regular 5 shot groups within a 25mm circle. The other two were only slightly worse but all falling with a 40mm circle. Did notice that it was out by 1/2 kill and with all windicators down range not moving adjusted it out (6 clicks on windage)

Scope next. The wrong way round but sat down in the FT position closed eyes and put head were I thought it should be. Scope needed to be moved forward about 1/2" to get the but pad and my eye in correct place. Adjusted as required then decided to shoot some groups.

Wind not changed that much since doing the first part so put 5 groups of 3 down to the target. Result all shots falling within a 30mm x 40mm oval shape when overlaying the centre of each target. Now happy and now believe the windage being out cause of my misses. I was giving about 25% more windage than my partner to the right on the upper section but giving nothing on the lower section.

Had to leave then but hope to try the club targets out next week provided they have not floated away or covered up by the amount of nettles etc that are growing at a turbo pace it seems.
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