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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
C Grade / c ungraded

Dan (Poison dwarf) Horricks 34
Mike (Morfe) White 26
Juia (Must have been naughty as she had to shoot with Nigel) Fox 25
Stephan (Castleton) James 17
Keiron (Nelson) Williams 12
Gary (i taight him all i know) Morgan 11
John (Nelson) williams 8


John (Ringer) Johnson 30
Simon (Honest SFT) Evans 27
John Mortlock 25
Lloyd Summers 25
Jay (Nasty man told me to .... off) Davies 23
Vince Bowen 22
David cooper 17
Rob Hathaway 16

a class

Gareth (the daddy) James 36
Tom Gould 34
Nigel Hayman 33
Dean (Gaylord) Jukes 33
Jason Davies 32
John Kociombas 32
Gwyne Robinson 31
Steve (tree climber) Chub 31
Russel Summers 31
John Lewis 31
Steven (should not have had a hair cut ) James 27
Craig Morgan 25


Jack (rubbish if you missed 3 in no wind) Harris 37
Gary (only three excuses needed) owell 37
Doz (could have shot that chap walking his dogs) Falconer 35
Berty (saving myself for the Gp if i wake up) Basset 34
Peter (take 3 clicks off ) jacob 34
Chris (i have the Gary Powell excuss book) Keyworth 34
John Hancock 34
Jason Harris 33
Mmm that jay davies sounds like a good judge of character,
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