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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Just by way of Intro,......Gudday from Noo Zulland!

Name: Adam Welsh (Welsh as in Wales, and yes the Parents were born there)

Keen on Air Rifle shooting sports of all sorts, FT, Silos, paper plinking etc etc....

Enjoying the best place in the World to own and shoot an Air Rifle.

Air Rifles I have owned over the years:

Steyr LG110 FT
Evanix AR6 (6o ft/lb)
Venom 77K
Diana 52
FWB 300

Sharp Innova
Sharp UD2 co2
Hatsan 100
Hatsan 60 Gas Ram
Hatsan 55
Gamo Expo
Cometa 52

Hope one day to meet many of you as possible. If you are ever over here in NZ, don't be shy and call me up for a cuppa and a chat.


Allo Mate and Welcome,

I'm a new boy on here, well more like an Old Boy on here but who cares, nice to meet you, Bernard.
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