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[QUOTE=Gibbs;96402]I'm glad the shooting/sporting public will be able to see what we are shooting at this year. And, having shot the Euro's 2 years running, I'm in no doubt of Tony Cook's ability to build a European championship worthy course.
Where the trees removed to allow the public a better view?
And what did happen to the "have a go at FT" area idea?

I've been involved with the coarse setting team for the last two year's,the internal part of the wood's were in a bit of a mess to be fair.
It will in my opinion do nothing but improve the shooting ground,no more looseing the crosshair and finding the target in the first place should be easier.
Andy calpin was talking about the have a go,but not sure if this will happen.
Probably too many legal implication's.
Alec are you booked in for this year and rich go on you know you want to
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