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As a committee member of Redfearn FTC I feel insulted by some of the posts on this thread and I am going to give my point of view. Over 500 trees are to be felled by the land owner over the next 3 months and probably more will be taken over the next 12 months, to visualize that amount try emptying a full tin of pellets on the floor. The trees to be felled will not all come from the same area
this means that any course layout ( 60 lanes) would have to be constantly changed and this would give the course setters far to much extra work which they were not prepared to do.
The committee didn't take this decision lightly we will lose a lot of revenue and prestige for the club and we were happy to host this event but under the circumstances putting 60 lanes into the woods was a no go. As for the committee consultation with the organizers what can I say there is no Grey area to the argument we are not able to put out a gathering course.
I am personally very disappointed as I enjoy the UKHFT shoots and over the years I have made many new friends but the facts are we had to make the hard decision to cancel the event at Redfearns.
Redfearns FTC
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