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Default chinese whisper's

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
So the first post is slightly or over exaggerated then ???
Or am I not reading it correctly ? Based on what Tony has responded ? So some of the course wood has been removed but not all or stumps an all ?
I prefer misinterpreted to exaggerated,it was all the following post's that blew it out of proportion.
The area will be brighter,debris free and target locateing will be easier.
We are at that location for the public to veiw,in the past people have seen a load of bloke's shooting pop gun's.
Now for some of the coarse target's will be visable to the public,hopefully putting us more in the general shooting interest.
There was talk last year about a have a go area,so people could see what we are about now they might see what we are about.
2 day's entrance to a massive gamefair,100 target's to shoot at and ten large cash prizes to be won.
Not bad for 30
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