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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
I had one of those "awake at 2am mind working overtime and can't sleep" moments a while back and had a thought about getting more variation into a course other than the usual prone, prone prone, kneel, prone, prone, prone, stand, prone type layout and came up with something similar to a Gamble shoot type format. I thought about having something along the lines of having it so you can't shoot the same position twice in a row so for example if you decided to take a prone shot on your first shot your second must be a stander or kneeler, if you repeat the sequence twice, i.e prone, kneel, prone, kneel, you must then shoot the position that you haven't yet used, in this case a stander. It could mean that courses could be relatively simple but because of the variation of position it'd become harder and make people improve on positionals. I haven't had a chance to think about the finer points of it but it could make an interesting side shoot perhaps?
That could have some merits Vin.
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