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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
An update on the proposed shooting ground for the european's this year.
A team of scout's from the harriers ,have been to weston park today to access the land on which this years comp will be held.
The comp will be shot in the area that it was last year,no surprise there i hear you say BUT.
There will be a suttle difference,the tree's have gone.
The tree's in the area have been removed stump's and all,and replaced with grass.
No more struggling in the dark, infact you may want to bring some sunglasses
Just thought you may like to know this info,has we seem to cover all sort's of trivial dribble on this site.
see you there
Wonderful i spend a fortune on a new scope to deal with the dark conditions at the Euros then i find out i needn't have bothered
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