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Originally Posted by holly View Post
To be fair and if i am honest ( not likely ) KW have at the moment the largest amount of good FT shots in SEFTA .ETL are a good club with a large ground . the snag with ETL is that FT is only really every other sunday , as they share with a shotgun club .Iceni is a VERY good club . but really probably to far away from you . that leaves Springfield Arc . which without doubt has the best ground in which to pratice FT/HFT . permanent course . on a farm . bunny bashing for those who have permissioon . club hut . 7 day shooting . covered zero range and so on and not much further than ETL . have a look at the clubs . we are at Springfield sat and sunday .??? HOLLY
Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Unusually i agree with what Holly says Springfield have a cracking ground and you WILL learn to read the wind there
Im from oop North but Holly, Barry, Big Paul and the rest of the reprobates extend an invite when we are darn sarf shooting the GP's.
Good set of lads (well most of em )
OK, OK, I get the message

Seriously though, I've just got off the phone with Nick - what a helpful guy - and I will probably tag a long with him to visit a few places and try a few different things.

I'm sure this means I'll turn up at Springfield sometime in the near future but in the meantime plenty to think about whilst I'm on my hols.
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