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Hi everyone,

Some of you may or may not have seen an earlier post i made were i stupidly put a dent in my new aluminium cylinder i was fixing the barrel band to the new stock i am making and i had to use a longer bolt for the barrel band, unfortuanatly the bolt was to long and took a small chunk out the cylinder and as this is under a high amount of preasure i didnt want to fill it withought some reasurance, i asked on hear and on the BBS and people were unsure. So i sent A&M an email with the picture of the damage and he phoned me back very quickly, explaining that it wasnt worth the risk as this is under high preasure. Gutted i thought, very expensive mistake to make however i did hold my hands up, nothing was wrong with the cylinder other than what i did to it and Adrian could have just said a new one is another 140 and yet no, he said that these things happen and apreciated my honesty and told me he would supply me with another one once i had sent mine back to him at cost instead of retail and get it out the same day! I never asked for this nor did i expect it but out of good will he said that i could have it at cost, what a fantastic man and company to deal with.

This was my fault and my fault alone and he could have just said nope its scrap and i need another one at full retail but out of the goodness of his heart he will supply me one at a reduced cost. This was fantastic news to me and i can't praise him enough, he was honest from a safty point and was more than willing to help me out and was very intrested in my project he even asked how i was mounting it and when i siad it will be of the barrel band alone he said that if i send him the barrel band he will heli coil it for free aswell so i wont strip the threads! Amazing level of service!

These cylinders are very light and beautifully made more shots to fill than my standard one and comes supplied with a new fill probe, fitting instructions and spare seals fast delivery and a friendly bunch to deal with

If anyone was thinking about one off these just get one, makes the gun feel and balance spot on

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