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Originally Posted by steve cole View Post
Hi guys just a quick one to settle my mind, I am modifying an EV2 stock to fit my HW and when fitting the barrel band I needed a slightly longer bolt, I put one in and noticed it went tight so I took it out, removed the action and slid the barrel band forward and noticed that the reason it was getting tight was because it was on the A&M aluminium cylinder its put a tiny tiny screw mark on the cylinder, less than a mill I would have tought just were the steel bolt has pressed on the cylinder... Would this affect it in any way shap or form? It's less than 2mm the mark and it's more of a deep scratch but as this is a preasurised 200bar cylinder would it still be okay and am I worrying over nothing? It still remains empty and still hasn't had a fill so before I do so I just wanted to make sure it's not going to crack/ rupture or fracture.. I highly doubt this but after the unfortunate GinB insident I want total piece of mind

Many thanks
Cylinders are usually pretty thick walled tube but can be a dangerous thing to play with just recently the main man from ginb spent a little time in hospital after a cyloiinder blew up on him if your unsure have it checked by hull cartridge. at minimum put something on it to stop it rusting if its a steel tube
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