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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
1. Open tin.
2. Boil kettle.
3. Open Matey bubble bath.
4. Place pellets in a suitable reseptical ( i use a Dolmio pasta sauce jar).
5. Pour water & bubble bath into reseptical.
6, Shake the reseptical like you are trying to pull a grizzly bear off.
7. Drain pellets through an old sprout bag.
8. Place in oven ( on a tray obviously,non stick obviously) gas mark 4 next to a Findus crispy pancake.
9. Remove from oven.
10. Apply liberal coating of suitbable lube ( i use Blue Stratos & Unicorn ****).
11. Shoot said projectiles at tin chickens !
Im having trouble getting hold of the unicorn ****, will stella do
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