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Originally Posted by poison dwarf View Post
I see BAR now have them @ 1699.00
Is Uk support worth the extra 350.00 you pay over prices in europe?
What UK support is that?

I have really struggled to get any Steyr accessories through known dealers, citing in their reply that "Its also difficult to get spares for Steyr in the UK unfortunately..."

So I contacted the UK importer myself and have absolutely no response.

Perhaps its just me that is struggling, I have had to order from Europe and it seems to be taking an age to arrive.

Some UK manufacturers would give anything for the brand awareness that Steyr have in the UK airgun community, but they support their brands through the supply chain pretty well, seems a shame that Steyr dont seem to have this part right.

However, if you know of other routes or I am going about it the wrong way let me know please.

Going back to the original post, I think that people in the UK will still pay over the odds for Steyr, I know I do
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