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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
can someone take my name off the list as i cant make this now unfortunaltey due to work.

Hopefully 2103 if the date can be sorted asap?

Simon evans
No worries Simon, updated list is below:

Steven Allen
John Sears
David Purcell
Jerry Dowdall
Mark Matthews
Nick Murphy
Chris Large
Val Szulc
Phil Riches
Will Baskeyfield
Rob Farnworth
Helen England
Richard Baker
Phil Hollis
Davie Marshall
Dave Clark
Lori Richardson
Colin Richardson
Matt Edwards
Peter J Edwards
Peter T Edwards
Dave Mansfield
Alison Mansfield
Mark Wilson
Josh Wilson
Richard Lambert
Mick Prescott
Neil Hart
Rob Duval
Chris O'Grady
Mark Nadell
Graeme Fisher
Dan Horrocks
Cliff Church
Tony Bradford
Steve Essam
Katrina Knox
Martin Knox
Jo Phipps
Ian Stoddart
Jenny Taylor
Danny Webb
Roger Dyson
Dave Hatfield
Steve Lanyman
Barry McCraw
Dave Croucher
Dan Eley

Keep 'em coming....
Hereward FT&ARC
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