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Default Newbie seeking advise...

Hi All,
As mentioned in my introduction elsewhere on this forum, I am just about to start out in FT having never really shot anything much before - I am therefor a complete newbie.

I could really use some help and guidance on what kit is needed in order to take part in the sport. I'm a competitive person and I know I will not be happy plodding along and just 'making do' so I would like to start off with a half decent rifle and scope combination that I can grow in to.

Having trawled the web a lot over the last few weeks, it is clear that there is a huge selection of rifles and scopes that are capable of doing the job and all at different price points. I have set myself a budget of 1k and for this I would like to get a rifle and scope that will support me at most levels of competition.

Starting off with the rifle.
Im looking at rifles in the 600 area and the one that catches my eye the most is the Air Arms MPR FT. As with all 'reviews', there are always supporters (ie. those that have experience of the gun) and the nay-sayers. What is the balanced opinion of this forum regarding this rifle? Would it be a good place to start or can I do better? At this point I should mention that I have a strong preference to buy new since I dont have the knowledge or contacts to give me the confidence to buy used.

Scopes.... OMG!!! (as my 12 year old son would say) much choice, so many different spec's and descriptions I really dont know where to start. Do I need IR? What kind of reticule is best for FT? I understand that for FT, it's smart to have a variable zoom with an objective lens > 40mm (did I explain that correctly?) I have read about the popular models such as the 'Big Nikko' and then, when you try and find the 'Big Nikko' on the manufacturers website, there are about 10 different varieties that could be called a 'Big Nikko'. Which one am I supposed to be looking at? Many of the manufacturers I read about turn out to be too expensive for my budget and if I'm correct in my guesswork, the 'Big Nikko' falls outside my budget by 2/300.. So my question is simple this - what are my FT scope options for about 400? At the moment, I'm looking at the Falcon T50. Some reviews thinks its great, and then someone else says it's rubbish (but doesn't say why...). All I can say is that for 400 it looks like a good buy if it lives up to it's spec.

Pellets... I'm not even going to start worrying about this bit until I get the rifle and scope bit sorted. But one quick question which has me baffled - what is the real difference between a 4.52 and a 4.53 (apart from 0.01)? I'm assuming that the number refers to the pellet diameter in mm's?

Finally, assuming I find a rifle and a scope (and yes, I hope to try a few out at the club I am joining), what else do I need in order to take part in a competition? Is it really just a set of waterproof's and a bum / gun rest? Or is there something else that is a 'must have' or 'nice to have'?

Sorry for all the dumb questions but I really am starting from scratch here and any pearls of wisdom you can share will be one less question I need to bombard the other club members with when I finally join later this month.

Thanks in advance,
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