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Glad that sticky point was sorted Simon. You may have been dissapointed by the comments, but I think people would have been dissapointed to have the point pressed over principle. You were shooting very well and the last thing you'd want is comments to continue to when the trophies are handed out at end of season. As you said the decision was final, I didn't query past that, but I may well have made the comments that dissapointed you. At least now it's dead, and your score still reflects some top shooting which seems consistent across the season. It's gutting to lose a point to a rule, but there is a reason for them.

Lesson learned, i'd say the chief marshal shouldn't be shooting and should have a copy of the rule book at all times. Ie there should be one per session, they shouldn't rule on their own shooting, and perhaps it should be referred to a BFTA panel like they do in F1, which allows shooting to continue. A blot on an otherwise excellent day, some top shooting and probably one of the best courses i've shot in a while despite the conditions. Andras's 3 off in the afternoon was something else.

Now all I have to do is stop the walther stock warping, and go and lock my kestrel thread while i work out just how much that has been affecting POI around a shoot. Despite being ok before the ridge, it was shooting 1" high at 50 ish yds, and that was with me taking 1/2 inch off on the plinking range that afternoon. Still it's given me some insight into the springer issues i've seen, and probably given Marc " I told you so " rights , hopefully avoiding having to start a thread of "how do i hit anything with my walther?"
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