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Default Rules are Rules

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Well done fatboy, done me again, I think the tenner could be heading to sunny south wales
this year......Target be or not to be, that is the question lol, u shot well for a lol
It would have Been fish face, but....

I shot target 18 (rat up on the top bank, 50+ yards) and my pellet went through the kill but the target failed to fall.
I called it as afaulty target!! One of my own, that was very disapointing.
Daylight was confirmed by my top shooting partners ( Connor Who + Tim "egde" Goodall) so the target was re-set by a marshall and re-shot.
I hit it "AGAIN" and this time it fell so i claimed it, and having looked at the rules as currently written rightly so.

However, one of the shooters i have great repect for has correctly pointed out a breaking of the rule that the rest of us missed.
we touched the re-set cord!!!
Thus i now loose the target despite hitting it twice!

Lesson learnt.

Slow the shooting down by taking the time to scope "all the target" befor shooting, thus making sure the target is set correctly.
I did not look at the kill as i knew i would be aiming at its Arse. thus it was only when watching the pellet in flight and seeing it go through the kill that the slight dayylight from 9 - 11 could be seen.

Then, most importantly dont allow the string to be touched until the marshall has examined the target.
even if it is miles away up the Bank.
Thaks to Jack for going up, though he may not have been so quick to go if he had known about the water!

As cheif marshall i made the call to allow the target and would have done for any other shooter. I also stated on the lane i would check with Comp sec and the rules.
We did, but in the confusion missed the one critical rule that had been fouled!

I will say i was very dissapointed by what was said by some from that lane on.

So, 43 ex 50, though i recon i should have been given 45

so, how did I miss

Preperation was pants.
Last minute rushing around to sort lane painting (thanks to all that helped) meant i was running to the line, then up the bank to the car then to the line. no one has ever seen me run (not fast) before

Too hot for the sweater so it was lucky italian polo shirt only under the Gimp.
Made no difference as i was so out of sorts for the first 6 or so lanes its amazing i started so well.
infact its amazing it hit more than 30 lol

Could not find my pellet pouch (turned up after the shoot in the Air Arms jacket pocket) so grabbed the spare tin of Die 5 i had off Gilly at gp2.
Turns out they are good enough for a World champion as connor was using them and kindly offered to give me all his crushed ones if i ran short!

After 5 lanes i realised i had left my gun bag in the container so had to run for that to stop the gun cooking up as it was fairly warm. i however had no Kestrol issues today, though like many other went through the chrono high at 793.

Missed target 49, the long (40+) kneeler. pellet swund left just before the kill.
nailed my favourite lane, the two long 50 + targets of lane 2. t 3 i was only just off egde of kill, while t 4 up on the bank i was 3 inches / 1st dot. smack in the middle of the plate, best shot of day.

Then missed the 40 yarder t 7. Gave 3 edge and it missed 9 by an inch, mega wind for a "short target"

missed T 9, kneeler as my bag was divoid of beans more than usuall and the stoney ground was not comfy for my exposed knee. should have gone into Fisher kneeling mode.

missed t13 as i decided that alogh 1st dot was working, i would be extra brave and go between first and 2nd dot. it was gusty but over cooked and hit 3 edge. bugger

Technically hit T18 but as rules are rules, hve to accept miss.

missed t19, snowy the Owl. I knew i not giving it enough wind as soon as i let the trigger go.

At the end of the course I missed the long one in the pipe. it dropped low landing pellet below 6.

thinking about it, i did 30+ shots on zero range yesterday and went straight on course sunday with out topping the air up so i may have been low on air with the odd stapoage + 48 shots?

still, all things considered Good Gp and its nice to know that when my dwindling stock of die 36 goes the 20 + tins of d5 are suitable replacements!

How Could i forget!

Its now fishface 1 fat Welsh Bloke 3.
3 gp to go so i need one more win over him and that 10 is mine.
Must get a frame this week from the pound shop lol
Think i wil take him up on the 100 next time he offers money for nothing lol
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