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Default Thanks to all

firstly, thanks to my club mates for putting on the the event.

This one really was hard work. Our "elderly folk" worked as hard as anyone else, thats JJ + Dave Gage.
JJ even provided entertainment by falling down the bank yesterday but i missed that. bugger.

Poor old Jesus did most of the cutting / munching of lanes in the week with his machines to clear the sight to targets and then Saturday night he and his son picked up a bug. I am really gutted for him missing a shoot he put so much into.

Mike "morf" white has been a top new member for the club and did a great job yesterday of marshalling for us despite nearly overdosing on morfine. plus he has worked on the course all week
I hope the burger van was ok, if not Blame Morf as he found that too. i only had time for a quick burger and tea but thaught it was cheap and tasted good?
Not so big Mike Williams did a great job on the chrono yesterday though i believe he was disapointed not to fail all ev2 guns lol
The rest of us mucked in and did what we could to make it go as best we could.
couple of silly stopages, that was me twice in the am pressing the stupid horn things by mistake. i left mine in the car after the second one!
Couple of targets slipped and one failed, think there was one or two string breaks. On the whole not bad though?
Huge thanks to Jo Phipps for hellping at the end of Pm session sort the cards + scores out, big help to me and i am very greatfull.

I think i got the course right as i had some great comments and handshakes off a great variety of shooters from all classes. that meant alot to me.
Does anyone else think we should go back to all 45 ml klls lol!
I think given the pm conditions i was not the only one glad to see the little bt extra to aim for on some targets.
i will be annalising the misses in the week (yes i have to much time on my hands) to see who missed what, what targets worked and did not, most missed etc?
Cant believe 3 missed the 45 ml golden bunny, 28 ish yards? just goes to show no such thing as a gimmie in this sport

Well done to the Tango man from a strange land, 47 in what i term average tondu wind ( its not uncommon to be off plae on anything past 45 yards in a strong tondu wind) was good shooting.
I can see a rush on 10.3g pellets by gp7??

Thanks to my shooting partners Tim Goodall and Conor McFlynn.

tim was unlucky in edging at least 4 or 5 of his misses. top man to shot with though.
as for Conor, well it mus be luck of the irish?
Not really, it was a very interesting experience to watch you shoot and to be honest so easily hit over some of my best / hardest targets.
I was planning on you handing my the World trophy in Norway, but having watched you today i may now have to think about clapping!
cheers both.

I will try to get the photos upoaded on here later today. I will then be doing the latest BFTa grade list and sending to Rob to be put on thebfta web.

Once again, thanks to all invloved and see you at Gp7.
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
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