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Originally Posted by Makalu View Post
Hi All,
I'm Jon from Leicester. I'm a complete beginner to all this malarky. I have always had an interest in shooting but never done anything about it until now. After much reading, web trawling and forum lurking, I have decided that my primary interest lies in the Field Target side of things. Having read many posts in this forum it seems like this is a good place to hang out for FT related stuff.

Right now, I have so many questions I dont know where to start. I have just 'signed on' to a local club and I am looking forward to the induction day later this month - I just hope the guy running the course can cope with the incoming Spanish Inquisition.

I have started looking around for a decent rifle and scope and I have a budget of about a grand. I would prefer to start out with new kit since I wouldnt know how to judge if a piece of second hand kit is any good or not. Whilst the choices are somewhat stifling, I think I have decided upon an AA MPR and a Falcon T50. Generally, these both seem to have good reviews and I can get them for the amount I have to spend.

I would appreciate it if some of you experienced guys could also suggest what other stuff is needed in order to take part in the sport. Are there any 'must haves' or 'nice to haves' that really make a difference to your ability to take part?

Thanks for reading,
Jon (Forum name Mak).
Hi Jon, welcome to the sport , if you have a grand to spend go for second hand, ft guys look after there gear better than there wives, keep away from falcon and the hunting type stuff, get down the club ask to have a go with there rifles i'm sure some one will sort you out, take it you will be in a midland club?, if you can't get any help give me a buzz,

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