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Default Sussex Interclub Rd 6

Sussex Interclub HFT - Round 6 Results
Hi All

Well done to Mile Oak for hosting a fab SIHFT Round 6 today. Very good course, and very different from the usual Oakie layout – even the direction of travel was new to us.

The rain mostly held off and the ground wasn’t too boggy and even the wind had the decency to wait until I transferred from the shelter of the woods to the open downs. Doh

I learnt several new lessons today, the most important of which was shooting partner selection. Charles has a lot to answer for, for pairing me with a duo of ladies from the W.I., both of who were afflicted with severe tourettes, especially Coprolalia. I’m not at all sure they should be let out at weekends, in a public place, and with guns

Here are the full results – in the usual format – and with the usual request to PM me if you believe you spot any errors or omissions : (note that as there was only one Primary Class shooter with us today – young Ryan – benefiting from the handicap points, I have cut down on the usual volume of data by excluding the gun score column.

Name Club Class Hscore % Badge T(eam)
Sam Robinson Buxted O 59 100.0% Gold T
Tony Archer Iden Fern O 55 93.2% Gold T
Steve Light Horsham O 55 93.2% Gold T
Charles Peal Oaks O 55 93.2% Gold T
Derek Watson Horsham O 55 93.2% Gold T
Jason Wells Buxted O 55 93.2% Gold T
Nigel Buchan Buxted O 54 91.5% Silver T
Eric Bynum Horsham O 54 91.5% Silver T
Bob Pattenden Oaks O 54 91.5% Silver T
Chris Tyhurst Oaks O 54 91.5% Silver T
Richard Chase Ford O 53 89.8% Silver T
Rob Hobson Iden Fern O 53 89.8% Silver T
Steb Martinez Ford O 53 89.8% Silver T
Chris Silcock Horsham O 53 89.8% Silver T
Adam Stennar Buxted O 53 89.8% Silver T
Terry Aiken Oaks O 52 88.1% Silver T
Chris Roberts Oaks O 52 88.1% Silver T
Andy Simpson Buxted O 52 88.1% Silver T
Mike Byford Oaks O 51 86.4% Bronze
Darren Cruttenden Iden Fern O 51 86.4% Bronze T
Pat Fitzgerald Ford R 51 86.4% Silver T
Philip Jacobs Horsham O 51 86.4% Bronze T
Simon Williams Oaks O 51 86.4% Bronze
Charles Coxsedge Oaks O 50 84.7% Bronze
Garry Morrison Buxted O 50 84.7% Bronze
Steve Nailor Buxted O 50 84.7% Bronze
John Turnbull Buxted O 50 84.7% Bronze
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 49 83.1% Bronze
Kathryn Follis Ford O 49 83.1% Bronze T
Spencer Hayward Oaks O 49 83.1% Bronze
Peter Searle Horsham O 49 83.1% Bronze
Rob Simpson Ford O 49 83.1% Bronze T
Nigel Tostevin Oaks O 49 83.1% Bronze
Damien Burke Oaks O 48 81.4% Bronze
Mark Coshall Iden Fern O 48 81.4% Bronze T
Justin Roberts Ford O 48 81.4% Bronze
Mike Burgess Swallows O 47 79.7% Bronze T
Colin Davidson Iden Fern O 47 79.7% Bronze T
Paul Dugood Horsham O 47 79.7% Bronze
Rudy Goldslade Oaks J 47 79.7% Silver
Tim Clark Oaks O 46 78.0%
Paul Hopper Ford O 46 78.0%
John McDonald Buxted O 46 78.0%
Ryan Stennar Buxted P 50 78.0% Silver
Mick Foster Iden Fern O 45 76.3%
James Parnell Horsham J 45 76.3% Bronze
Eddie Phillips Ford O 45 76.3%
Ben Davies Buxted O 44 74.6%
Jeremy Follis Ford O 44 74.6%
Doug Harper Visitor O 44 74.6%
Alan Miles Oaks O 44 74.6%
Jon Tickner Horsham O 43 72.9%
Keith Crawley Horsham O 41 69.5%
Shaun O'Brien Ford O 41 69.5%
Graham Sinclair Horsham R 41 69.5% Bronze
Gordon McPhail Horsham O 39 66.1%
Cameron McPhail Horsham J 34 57.6%
Conrad Wells Buxted R 34 57.6%
Alex Brodie Visitor J 21 35.6%
Colin Shevill Oaks R 19 32.2%
Jon Fairman Oaks O DNF

Two more Platinum badges awarded today; to today’s outright winner, Sam Robinson, with an amazing 59, four points clear of the rest of the field, and to Steve (Steady) Light.

NOTE that due to a minor mix-up over the additional points after Lane 29 was pulled, I had to make late (after the on-site announcements) adjustments to two scores. This has added two points to the Oaks’ team total.

Team Results – now reduced to showing just the result from today and the overall totals :

Club Round 6 Total
Oaks 269 1602
Buxted 273 1584
Horsham 268 1576
Ford 255 1547
Iden Fern 254 1475
Swallows 181 1259

Round 7 comes up in a couple of weeks time - on Sunday 22nd July at Ford. Will we have a wind a rain free event ???

See y’all there.

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