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Originally Posted by Andre98k View Post
Thanks a lot for the photos and I send even here a big hug to all the shooters from Spain,Portugal,France,Belgium and UK which were there.

Next year I'll try to repeat this special experience but it will be better reach the location by air,me and my italian friends had to drive for 1500 km twice......little long trip!

It was a huge pleasure to see again shooters like Pepone,Tonin,Mamel and meet new ones like Burjaka,Delphinus and Val S (very very polite and kind persons for real),hope to see you all again soon!
Best regards from Italy!
Andre a couple of Italian shooters ask me the best price to buy a Styer since they told that over there cost's about 2200, can you pass to them this contac:

It's the Spanish company who makes all Steyr grips, if he didn't replay at first contact keep trying, that way they can save 300

He sell 24 and 16J so if you want less request him to put a golden port probe.
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