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Default Revised friday

These are the names for Pm session at Gp6 /tondu i have

If your not on here and think you should be, let me know

If your on here and NOT wanting to be, let me know

Lane 1 - gimmie / golden bunny lane

B Beryl Noon REDFEARN 40045
A Mick Woodhead Bisley 59
AA Steve Page Castle 20184

Lane 2 - shotgunners Bowl

A Jonathan Noon REDFEARN 40046
A Lyndeen Calvert Bisley 792
A Peter Montanez EAST DEVON 60284

AA Dave Schofield TAWD VALE 10167
AA Andras fekete-moro Castle 21413
AA Mark Sheperd Avon Hawks 50431

AA Mark R. Fisher Castle 20135
AA James Osbourne DOWRY HILL 20692

AA Jon harris MILLRIDE 20002
AA Doz Falconer Nelson 50062
SFT Derk Bendon TONDU 50526

Lane 6 - Top Ponds

A Mick Winstanley SOTON BUCCS 1177
A Shaun Shore HARRIERS 21181
A/U Dan Horricks - extra 2

A Dave Hatfield Wendover 758
A Neil rogers Nelson 50548
A Donald Old Bisley 1067

Lane 8 - end of top pond

AA Neil hague Pontefract 42043
AA Ian Stoddart FAR COLEY 20577

Lane 9 - top Banks

B John Kociumbas CASTLETON 50540
B Rob Ward Carisbrooke 1386
B Andy slade NEWBURY 402

Lane 10 - snowy the owl

AA Mark A. Fisher ANSTON 40286
AA Dean Burfoot HARRIERS 21095

R Steve Privett SOTON BUCCS 880
R Rudiger Gerlach North Petherwin 60554
R Nick murphy Dowry Hill 20122

R Mick Kelly Bisley 791
R Ian Burton Greyhound 21575
R Glen Newman North Oxon 834

C Jo Phipps FAR COLEY 22241
C Gary Fisher Castle 21379

AA Keith warboyes ETL 70813
AA Chris Large Dowry Hill 20176

B Geoff Ames SOTON BUCCS 1301
B Steve kociumbas CASTLETON 50292

lane 16 - end of the banks

B Phil richies HARRIERS 21284
B Andy Winch Carisbrooke 93

Lane 17 "The pipe"

AA Rob Farnworth MEON VALLEY 923
AA Ian Challis Springfield 70003
AA Jason Davies Tondu 50448

Lane 18
AA Simon Evans East Devon 60550
AA Connor McFlynn Nelson 50604
AA Tim Goodall NORTH OXON 832

AA Andy Calpin ANSTON 40092
C Jemma Toms Carisbrooke 1387

AA Dave Robinson ANSTON 41529
AA Clinton Bedding North Oxon 447
AA Peter Jacob Harriers 20641

Lane 21 - Italy

B Peter Terry NEWBURY 1346
B Len Maule Sywell 80160
B Jonathan Crocker Tondu 50613

Lane 22 - Terrapin ponds

A Andrew Coleman MIDSHIRES 80764
A Dean Jukes Nelson 50660
A Will Baskeyfield FAR COLEY 21347

B Geoff Hawes NEWBURY 448
B Mark Wilson Sywell 80844
B Iain challis SPRINGFIELD 71204

A Josh wilson Sywell 80943
A Neil long NORTH OXON 1227
A Sam barr TAWD VALE 10518

Lane 25 - shotgunners pond

AA James Woodehead Bisley 60
AA Neil Thorneycroft Far Coley 20517
AA Anthony Johnson Castle 21291[/QUOTE]
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