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Default Not shot there before...

Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Sounds good Simon, well done all the local sheep admirers for helping out so we can turn up and enjoy the day. Im looking forward to this one (as i do all of em) as its one ground ive not shot before. Shame about the four mid range standers though as it cuts my standing score by at least 50%
Nice to know we can pop in on Saturday for a quick zero and book in early. See you there (wellies packed )

Oh well Paul,

New ground to try and if the wind works as it usually does up there you will be wanting a sheep to wipe your tears away haha.
I doubt our girls down here would be interested in yourself with your curly locks and purple shell suit... Plus they don't like it (according to form), when you continuously say....,

"calm down calm down"

See you Sunday petal..

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