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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
superb effort today by the Tondy Crew.

Basically we started from scratch and cleard all 25 lanes. In no small part jesus and his army of tree chewing machines were superb as was the old fogies club (JJ + DG) and Morf and his crew. indeedd, i even managed to dig up an old Jelly fish and coned him into 8 hours work for 80..
It was his money anyway from selling pelletts and an Ft seat but i forgot to tell him that at first.
Tosh turned in a good show on the barrow etc. big thanks and well done to all.
So, lanes are clear, 25 targets are out with the remainder going out tomorrow.

Just drop the strings on saturday and we are ready, zero range out and when berty turns up put the silly out.
easy day.

Our zero range will be open Saturday and if any one wants to pop down and pay their entry you can do that Saturday too. I will be there all day saturday.

Course looks good, few details to sort and the odd target to move a foot or two but thats about it.

Only three x 25 ml kills and no, not all 35 yards. Infact despite my usuall likling for them as it means you get to dail a 30 ish targets, i have kept them all short and hitable.
15ml will remind those who went to 2011 Worlds of Italy, though they would not let me paint them blue.

Kneelers are a nice mix, all got falt shooting areas to, no ski slops

Standers, having become somewhat boared of two lanes of 40 = 20, i have opted for all four standers around the mid range. To top it off i found a load of 45 ml kills so slipped some of them in for standers plus a few spread about the course.

even the local forcast looks better.

should be a good day and i hope all will enjoy and knock down enough targets.

except fisher lol
Thats wot i like to hear, gives me more incentive to try.....
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