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Default Gp 6 AM names + shooting partners

These are the names for AM session at Gp6 @ tondu i have

If your not on here and think you should be, let me know

If your on here and NOT wanting to be, let me know

B Debbie Clarke Redferns 42453
B Steve Chubb NELSON 50060
B Lori Richardson MIDSHIRES 80960

AA Andras Fekete-Moro Castle 21413
AA John Costello Thorn Dell 40861
AA Chris Hill TAWD VALE 10589

AA Mark Bassett Nelson 50057
AA Stuart hancox HARRIERS 20084
AA Neil daniels REDFEARN 40352

AA Des Edwards HARRIERS 20114
AA Dave Purcell WENDOVER 562

A Micheal g cotter KENT WOODSMEN 70911
A Carl Davies FAR COLEY 20028

AA Kev Sayers Harries 20166
AA Paula Schofield TAWD VALE 10168

A Dave Oakes HARRIERS 21286
A Tony sultana KENT WOODSMEN 70051
A Nigel hayman NELSON 50063

AA Dave hill Tawd vale 10588
AA Neale Marklew FAR COLEY 20528

B John Jonson Tondu 50109
B Peter Cook MIDSHIRES 80842

A Mike Dalton Redferns 42213
A Darren Moore FAR COLEY 20527
A Chris Miles Castleton 50794

A Jason Harries NELSON 50594
A Gary Marshall East Devon 60549

C Rob Slaughter TONDU 50738
C Wayne Brookes Castleton 50762
AA Gilly REDFEARN 40007

R Mark brewitt CASTLE 21123
A Steven Lloyd FAR COLEY 21373
A Jeremy Stamp EAST DEVON 60383

R Rob Long Castle 20986
B Russel Summers Nelson 50661
SFT Adam Danks Harries 21645

AA Dave Semmens Redferns 40664
AA Chris Keyworth Nelson 50065
AA Rob O'Neil TAWD VALE 10587

AA Dave Harrison Harriers 20003
AA Gary Powell Quarry 50032
AA Bob O'Neil TAWD VALE 10123

B Paul Dunwoody Tawd vale 10798
B Craig corbett Quarry 50696

A Tony cook HARRIERS 20073
A Graham Noyce EAST DEVON 60553
A Gordan Eley KENT WOODSMEN 70032

AA Bobby Banks HARRIERS 20088
AA Jack Harris NELSON 50593

A Jenny Taylor HARRIERS 21567
A Helen Carragher MIDSHIRES 80840
A Gareth James NELSON 50702

B Simone Callen ETL 70850
B Steve Grimshaw EMLEY MOOR 40061
B Tom Gould NELSON 50053

A Dave Gage Tondu 50110
A Peter Moore FAR COLEY 20231

B Gary Martin HARRIERS 21403
B Jim Nee Castle 21070
B Stephen James NELSON 50703

A Simon Francis HARRIERS 21311
A Tony Waistnage REDFEARN 40940
A Colin Richardson MIDSHIRES 80959

AA Phil James HARRIERS 20097
AA Alec Gibbs North Pethewin 60537
AA Matt Hurst Redferns 40390
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