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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Only had the gun out of the case once since the high ogf Gp5 Anston.

That was last wednesday when the nice Mr.Wood came to wales on a jolly (claims its work?)

Shot mr.woods Ostler ev2 and it seemed super accurate, much better than mine for grouping.
wish i had a good Ev2 as appossed to an "ok" one (Priest) and an average oe (Rev)

anyway, we decided that woodys ostler one needed floating so he swapped back to the Blue action. Thats the one he was doing well with in the winter and it looks better in the Blue GC stock that the balck action. I expect good things frm him this weekend.

Did a bit of testing but nothing much as we ran out of time with the school run looming.
Not looked at the guns since as its been busy with work having three weddings between saturday and sunday the weekend gone!

Saturday Am now for a quick zer check thats it!
Every ones ev2 is better than yours....... oh dear u sound like a very small person i know, who shoots at castle, ps, ive got two ev2s and ther both mega..... never mind u can compensate with your new found talent..... c u sunday jabba
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