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Default It's not all about making money...

I think this may be the last Gp at Tondu as its just not worth it. out of the 10 entry, 3.50 goes to Bfta, 5.50 to wafta and the club gets a 1 a shooter. Its just not worth it for the amount of work we have to do at tondu to clear lanes.[/QUOTE]


It's supposed to be a regional competition where the region helps out...
I'm the same as yourself as I like the lads in nelson to set out the course as we're close to the ground.
The weather hasn't helped with your mood on this which is understandable but there are people who are willing to help out. Remember a few years ago when you put the first recent GP at tondu... I thinki travelled down 4 or 5 times at 70 mile round trip a time. I didn't whine about the travelling to help tondu out....!!
It's the one main comp in Wales so I have no problem the money going to wafta as it pays for trophies etc...

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