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Right then, saw surgeon yesterday and oncologist again today.
Surgery is not recommended for me at this time because there's a very good chance that removing the lumps will only force any potential others currently lying dormant to surface, that's what's most likely happened with the removal of the one in my bowel last July. At that time there was nothing else on the scans and the ones in my lungs have only appeared following that op, so slicing bits of lung off is not a good idea at this time.
Other options are Radio and Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy is a problem as it's difficult to target the suspected three lumps in my right lung and the one in my left without causing damage elsewhere, so that leaves the Chemo again. Last time the type of Chemo i had didn't work for my specific cancer so it would be a different type, and it would be expected to only control it.. not kill it off. So as i'm currently fit and healthy they're reluctant to proceed as it could be a few years before it gets to a point where it needs treating, i'm going to have regular checks and scans to keep an eye on things and they'll do what needs doing as and when.
I'm going back to work in the next few weeks all being well and looking forward to Norway!
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