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Default Bowled over by all the messages

Hello All,

Firstly thank you so much for all the well wishes. I have been truly bowled over by everyones kind words.

Rob has probably updated many of you on my progress, or lack there of so far - and is probably blaming his recent low - ahem - scores on my relapse - do not accept any excuses, just because I cannot be there to coach him is no reason for the scores to wain!!! lol

The inital op went well and I escaped from the hospital after 48 hours. Shimmying down the drain pipe may have been my let down come to think of it!!! I made excellent recovery steps over the first 2-3 weeks and actually was walking upright and walking with no pain for short periods of time, both of which I have not had for nearly a decade!!! I was doing small walks and set exercises, a far cry from my usual cycling routine, but although minimal the pain was slowly decreasing !!!

Unfortunatly I then took a rapid turn for the worse and over several days was reduced to rapid onset of pain when walking and I am now worse than before I went in!!! Bugger!!!!

I am now playing a waiting game, I have an MRI scan due in 4 weeks and they are going to inject me with some dye to allow better pictures of what is going on. Currently I have been advised to do even less than I initially was after the op to reduce as much inflammation as poss for the scan. Surgeon thinks that as my back is phenominally weak that the disc has prolapsed again. Dratt and Double Dratt!!!!

I have had 3 weeks of being very low, but I cant be kept down for long and am now feeling more positive as once I have this scan my surgeon is very confident that he will be able to see clearly what has happened and a second surgery is not a problem or it could even be a prolonged physio and recovery as the nerves could simply be taking much longer than the norm to settle. Failing that even fusion surgery is possible as my back and core simply are not functioning properly due to the amount of years I have had the issue. A repeated surgery may not solve the problem as it could re occur again so the next step up would be taken. I have been warned about nerve scarring, but the pain and window of onset does not tally with this so although a minimal possibility not a likely contender. Still whatever has to be done I want it done so I can start getting strong again - at this rate I will die of bordom, you will know it is all over if you hear of me sat in a corner rocking and talking to myself - Damn Already doing that!!!!

I cant wait until I can actually throw myself into a physio and fitness regime as I can then feel better for being active and physically help myself get better, and see the gradual impovements. The hardest part is knowing I am treading water and not actually working to getting better at the moment, simply waiting for a test.

Besides I have to start getting better soon as I have FT trophies to win, cycling races to complete and a whole long list of things I am planning to do in the not too near future!!!!

Thanks again for everyones messages on the several threads that ran, all the well wishes sent via my personal butler Rob from the GP's and all the other messages I have received. It has worked wonders for the morale and whenever I feel low I read all the messages and the smile returns.

I cannot travel as yet, cars are my nemisis (along with socks - cannot put the damn things on as I cant reach my feet!!!) but as soon as I can I will come and heckle you all

Big Hugs Helen xxx
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