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Default Glasses

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Ayup Don, as you know i wear glasses so here is my two penneth worth. I think that if you are shooting on high mag 40ish plus the fact that your head position has to be spot on to see through the scope with a full sight picture the extra lens bit does not really matter, however i use single vision lens because ai do think you possibly get refaction when using certainly Bi sexual glasses (caused loads of problems from the kneeling position with the extra lens) not sure about vari focus but i would guess they would create issues as well.Ps welcome to the old knackers club at least i have still got my own teeth before Holly Friend starts.
Regards steve
The only glasses you usually look through steve , are beer glasses ??? HOLLY
PS i use glasses , but to shoot i abandon them for the crystal clear lenses of my Comp X .
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