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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Just a quick question about the Anston range (there last weekend for the GP). Just curious really as to the history behind the site. The railway lines and embankments (brutal wind deflectors!) and the ash/brick shards? in amongst the mud made me wonder what sort of industry there was there way back.

Trees making a comeback but many were pretty established, also the large pond.

Must be lots of other things around there :-) Love to hear about other grounds where clubs now fling the lead where once upon a time there was something else there. Great to see woodland reclaiming the site.

hi neil, anston ftc is on the site of the old renishaw park coal mine, the enbankment was a walkway for the colliers walking in from renishaw and there used to be a iron bridge over the railway, there did used to be tracks ontop of the enbankment but i cant remember them and iv'e been told the pond was for water pumped from the mine but not sure about that one, hope that helps.
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