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Default Double headers/Marshalling

Double headers seem a good idea but logistically a nightmare if Bisley hold a GP we have to build for two days before and cannot leave anything out as it goes missing.
So we chance our luck in leaving targets the night before, if insurance knew i think premiums would go up.

So thats all us busy on Sat for the GP Sunday now if it was double header weekend we cant either attend the other shoot or cant build the course due to all csfta shooters being busy. Think this is the same for alot of clubs as they are not so lucky as to have 24hr access 7 days a week. Some only get there grounds everyother sunday and have to hire and ask permission to use it extra.

Marshalls i believe are us if we know the rules surely we speak up if we think someone is breaking them same with the marshalls that roam around checking all is ok. We dont have enough resources in our sport to cover for all these eventualities. Seems we are happy to chit chat to the shooters in the next lane but not to check they are taking shots properly.

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