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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Just wondering if any one that is up for a double header weekend,has run the idea past the misses yet?
It's ok if your kid's are at the age were they don't speak to you anyway,it's also ok if your partner shoot's also.
But for me one every fortnight is fine.
I think there are enough double header's as it is,with the nefta classic,inter regional's the showdown,euro's.
Back to subject,totally agree with gillie's post.
If a club is big enough to host a GP they should be able to provide marshall's.
It's ok saying you do not see issue's at GP's but how many shooter's do you observe as a shooter.
If you are a static marshall you see every shooter.
Looking forward to the tondu shoot,cause i think there will be a few kneeler's missed with the marshall's watching.
simon francis 21311
What about those of thus that have to travel hundreads of miles for every shoot simon.

Your thinking as a MFTA shooter where you can reach most gp in a couple of hours.
Anston was a four hour drive for me so i stay over night as it makes me far more relaxed for the shoot rather than having to be up at 5 am and on the road at 6am, and that to shoot pm and get home at 10.45pm!
Its the same for the Scottish shooters, the swefta shooters, the sefta shooters (Kent) some CSFTA (southampton) and FFTA shooters i suspect.
It cant hurt to try it once and see what GP shooters from the other regions think.
I would like to see the Gp season stretched out (april mid september ) as every two weeks puts too much strain on shooters, especially those of us that have Summer regional leagues too.
Thats means there can abe a shoot every week and no room for cancelled shoots to be re-scheduled in the summer.

if its big clubs only then the gp series will be the same grounds every year. Not something i would look forward too. indeed, some regions would not even be able to host? We have under 20 members at tondu, half of which are plinkers. but with help from other clubs in the region we should cope, we have in the past and there will be no marshalls allocated soley to Kneeling lanes at Gp 6. Each marshall will have an area covering several lanes to marshall.
I observed 75 ish shooters Sunday (2 am + 70 + pm) at Anston and had video to prove a point. None arrose
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