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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Not meant to be exactly FT specific, and certainly not meant to start one of those handbag FT/HFT threads...

My personal opinion is FT needs better marshalling. Now before I start, i'll quantify that... i'm just as bad as pulling anyone else up on something as anyone else, but there are people that are better. One of my issues with buddy marshalling is that if you've created a bad atmosphere lane 1 then it's going to be a long shoot. But then you get people with rhino hide that don't care, or people that do it right so it doesn't matter.

That makes 20 marshals + the chief.
If you cant pull someone up when they break a rule Rob then i dont see why you expect anyone else too.
If i am shooting with you and constantly say have muzzel behind the line or you think i am not doing a kneeling shot incorrectly, surley its going to create a "bad atmosphere" if you let me carry on doing it through the shoot if you dont pull me up on it? Your going to think i am cheating every time i take a shot?

Personally i dont think there are many people breaking many rules in the Gp.
My photos prove nothing in most instances as only I know when the photo is taken in regards to the shot, then not even me when its the camera on self timer. Only video gives true evidence of what happened on a lane. If the weather is ok, I may well be producing a DVD of Tondu as a BBc cameraman friend of mine is lined up to work for me on the day as a cheapish favour.

the photos are only here as photo records of ourselves shooting. thats very important to me and i dont do the pics (free of chearge ) for any other reason.

I watch allot of shooters in the opposite session i shoot at Gps and have not seen much worthy of mention.

I cant see 20 marshalls a shoot ever working unless they come from outside of FT ala paid track marshalls at circuits etc
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