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Agreed Andy. The issue I see is getting them. I know 20 might be ok for the bigger regions to deal with, but the smaller ones would struggle. My own (2) i'd see probably not even fielding 20 shooters to a GP, aside from which some of the regions are quite a jaunt. It's 80 miles to my nearest GP, and that's not in my region. It's 300 mile round trip the the GP venue this year and I think it was further last year. I'm not grumbling because I enjoy the shooting, merely trying to point out that for some regions, the man power would be difficult to find, let alone entice.

One could argue that's the region's responsibility to provide it, or else they don't get a GP... but to be honest i could only see MFTA and NEFTA being possibly able to carry a marshaling team as large as i've suggested is required.

I know there is an issue because on that high kneeler my bum was touching bag (not in a Midlander's kind of way), and i had to shift to get it off... yet as I settled, not one of the perhaps 8-9 people behind me said anything. That's not a criticism of those around, because at the end of the session concentration is bound to be low, but i'm just highlighting the issue.

It's very well to complain and say something is not good enough. What i'm trying to do is perhaps shape a solution that could be offered to the board to look at.
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