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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post

Not a bad day then Holls?? well for me. Joint top score, a trophy and a bad Back.

Looking at the results, you came 104 out of 152. last in AA.

However, i still have great respect for you and it would be a duller place without the banter. I just wish you were coming to Tondu
and that you would buy me the burger you owe, me, well the three as it happens.

anyway. New approach to this GP shooting and it seemed to work. Nice and relaxed drive up after working a Wedding in Cardiff on saturday and stayed in mansfield prem inn sat night.
No big meal and Guiness, instead a cuppa, sarny and early night.

Did not go quite to plan as i woke at 2.30am! would have set off for Anston then but did not have a tourch.
As it was i was at Anston at 6.45 am to find the toothless one s;eeping in the car park lol!

The rain came down as I went on the zero range. all was spot on (REV + no 27 leup + dai 36 stright from tin) so after 20 or so shots gun was put away and i went looking at the course and doing a few pics.

Never shot with Wayne Wood or Alex Boddy before and enjoyed the day.
Banter was low (unlike gp4) which meant I was concentraiting a bit more on the shooting.
good plan it turs out.

I started as did most in Wet weather trousers but after about 5 lanes the trousers were off and my Daisy Duke Legs were on show. Oh the freedom.

Noticed on my first target (think it was 45 m) that the pellet dropped low. Same happened on the long one in second lane. I also noticed the goldfish effect of the new glasses had gone.
I think my eyes have adjusted to the new perscription lens, as Berty Calls them,
My "Overweight harry potter glasses"

Thus i quickly made the call to add 2.5 m to anything over 35 m. seemed to work from then on perfectly in height wise.
Thus I may need to do a parallax test at tondu Wednesday and perhaps move the wheel again!

Was unlucky on my first miss, the long one over the pond T29. Made it 47 m and gave 9 edge, as i shot it gusted a little stronger than the breeze that was blowing, it just took my pellet past 3. Height spot on though.

t36 was another long one. I made it 47 m agaign, thaught about giving 9 edge but could not really see anything and thaught the railway bank would hold most wind off. Wrong. went down the middle and it struck 4 egde.

T50 was another fickle wind shot. Had been giving inside 9 edge or just outside 9 along most of the dark woods long shots. As i shot, cross hair inside 9 edge i frlt a sudden breeze blast on my windylegacators and new the peelet had left at the wrong time. It dd not move much, half an inch but that was enough to take it just past 9 edge. Buger!

T 9 was the only bad shot of the day. I struggle to turn between angled shots in the same lane, so had set myself up for the longer T10 target and was not quite in the right position for t9. 32m x 25 ml. Ready on inside 3 edge when is moved and tried to santch the shot. Crap. Hit 9 edge.

Still, happy days as it was just me and Ian Taylor on 46 after am session.
With Taylor gone it was three way between myself, Mr.P and Wolverine (D.Schoefield)

i was not in the mood for a shoot off, the gun was away and truth be told another box has been ticked for this season in that I now had a AA trophy, as happy with 3rd as i would have been with 1st on the lable, the scores were the same and thus so are the points.

I did cross my mind on how it would have gone in the shoot off on the way home so may attempt it next time?

See next time, 100 pages in and its starting to work

Just hope Tondu is as good a shoot as today was and that i do better there than i usually do?
My back is hurting today though so i may apply to myself for dispensation.
Its all that getting up and down so i think i will apply to take them all kneeling lol!

Fisher 1 - NJR - 2
Its not over yet " FAT BOY " your luck has got to run out at some tondu hopefully
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