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[QUOTE=Brian.Samson;94515]You most certainly wouldn't have been slated for trying to improve things Dave, as you well know.
You might have ****** off the club secretary if you tried to use the club forum to cause unrest in the club though.[/QU

That old chestnut....keep telling it and someday even I will believe it to be true
I see it that the club secretary may have lost interest in HFT at the time and didn't want to accept advise on how to improve his club for the HFT members.

Just seems to me that the only way of improving HFT abroad would be to leave it to people who REALLY care about HFT and who actually shoot it rather than people who treat it like a fashion and use things for their own gains. (Hypothetically speaking of course I don't actually know anybody like that )

By the way you didn't state in your original post change the rules to keep it close to the UK rules you just said change the rules to accommodate others from different countries.

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