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Hi Dave

Different power classes seems like a sensible suggestion - that's what they did in Poland when we shot out there.

Their rules were quite different to ours - I think it was 3 points for a kill and 1 for a faceplate instead of 2 and 1. Also you weren't allowed to use a peg for support, but Gary Cooper had a word with the organisers and they relented on that rule for the English shooters. In hindsight - the UK shooters took the first 5 places in the comp and the fact that they'd changed the rules at the last minute to accomodate us didn't go down too well with everyone there.

They also had shooters from different parts of Europe who could only shoot sub 7.5 Joules so they had a class for that type of shooter.

That might be the way forward - sub 7.5J, sub 16J and 16J+

Another difference they had in Poland which seemed like a good idea - they had two targets on each lane, if you were shooting with a 12fpe gun you had to shoot both targets, but if you were shooting in the sub 7.5J class, you could choose to shoot one of the targets twice instead of shooting both of the targets.

To be honest, with the price of petrol these days, it's probably cheaper to get a cheap flight to Poland than it is to drive to the south coast of England.

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