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If that's the case and they were to allow say 18fps then I have no idea of how to equal out the playing field. I can't see UK shooters wanting or even legally being able to alter their rifles, especially Springer shooters who spend hundreds of pounds and a lot of time getting their kit shooting as best possible at under 12 ft/lb.

Maybe the same course format as we have over here now but with different power classes but how many classes would that make? Open over 12, Open under 12, Springer over 12, Springer under 12 etc,etc.

Shooters who travel to the UK for the world's seem happy to do it and shoot to the UK rules and regulations and it seems to be working if the last 4 year's has anything to go by.
The 2 Pete's who already make an excellent job of organising both UKAHFT and WHFTA would probably have thought of something by now if it was possible or viable to try.

Another question is how many would travel or could afford such an event, no more than a handfull I'll bet.
I take it that the comp you shot in Poland was to their rules Brian, how did they differ if any to ours ?
Best idea I can think of is if you're willing or able to travel to shoot HFT then respect the fact that you shoot to the hosting countries limitations and rules.
The other option is stay on UK soil and enjoy what we have.

I know nobody's trying to change things by the way and I doubt if you could Just can't suggest anything else
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