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Default International HFT - how would you change the rules?

I only hunt these days, but I still take an interest in HFT and I also check on where links to my zeroing targets and HFT articles come from. Recently I've been getting more visitors from all over the World - especially Europe and South Africa. It seems like HFT is in the early stages of taking off in other countries which is brilliant news!

Some of the countries I've looked into use UKAHFT rules with slight differences - i.e. distances are expressed in metres not yards and because they're rounded to the nearest metre, the maximum and minimum ranges are slightly different to our flavour of HFT. For instance, SA have targets from 7m to 40m ( just under 8 yards to just under 44 yards)

They also have different laws regarding power - South Africa for example have a max power of 14fpe in their version of the UKAHFT rules.

So the question is - If you were setting up an HFT association in another country with different power rules, how would you change the rules to accommodate the shooters in your country?

From a self serving perspective you might say - stick to 12fpe as a maximum and use the UKA rules, because that means it becomes the World standard and eventually holding World Championships in other countries becomes less of a rules nightmare (like we have with FT).

But.. is that fair and is it the best way to promote HFT in other countries? If you allow higher power rifles to be used (because most shooters in your country have guns over 12fpe) would you increase target distances, decrease killzone sizes etc to compensate for flatter trajectories and decreased windage?
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