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Default Bean bag size

It seems people have got issues with the size of bean bags etc...?
I use a large bean bag myself. It isn't filled with many beans as I feel it's uncomfortable to use etc if too full.
I hold the handle with my right hand line it up centre with my right shin and then kneel onto it. I leave the handle area (where there is no filling) under my knee and use the support of the bag under my shin. Now listening to people on here i seem to be gaining an advantage as my bug puffs up under my bum?
Might be a suggestion we shoot naked as that will show we are not gaining any sort of advantage. You can see if the bag is touching areas it shouldn't blah dee blah dee blah.
I'm happy enough kneeling onto a mat though. If it shuts up a lot of people who don't really do a lot of ft then lets have a go. Get your arses there as well and lets see which is the best.
In Hungary we were shown how kneelers should be taken etc. 90 degree angle on trailing foot etc. That is I'd say the issue to look at not the bag. The sitting effect on the bag is due to the trailing foot not supporting "the arse" correctly.
Who am I to say though. As members of the bfta we are all responsible for our sport.
I'm happy to pick people up or to give advice but if your saying because I've got a large bag(for a large arse) I am kneeling illegally I will gladly meet you at a shoot and show you how I take them. Sunday will be a good place to start. Pop over and ask me how I take my kneelers and I'll gladly show you at the zero range...

Mark "Berty" Bassett
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