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Default GP organiser's

If you put on a GP there are several requirment's,Big ground to take 50 target's/large car park for 80ish car's.
Why not being able to provide enough marshall's?
What happen's if an A/AA and C grader are shooting as a three some,the c grader tell's the AA bloke that in his opinion he is doing kneeler's incorrectly and score's two zero's.
As a C grader you are nervous about the coarse and you are busy makeing as many freind's as you can.
It's too much responsability and there is not enough respect between fellow shooter's to go telling people they are in the wrong position.
I think to take the bag away is not a good idea,i support my ankle with mine and without that support it's very uncomfortable.
Put a disapline every 5 lane's so they can be marshalled effectively,and if kneeler's are more prone to abuse
put a marshall on each and one marshall walking the coarse.
Club's reep the benefit's of putting on a GP so as club member's you should be only too pleased to help out,if not then your not really a member in my opinion.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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