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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I agree but most do not.

The hard bit with the kneeling lane is seeing how the shooter is sat, sorry knelt on the bum bag.

The more I think about it if the rule was changed to the only support for the ankle is a standard kneeling role and the bum bag can only be used to protect the knee and must not extend more than a third of the way along the leg it would make it easier to see what was going on. This would suffice for themoment until shooters find other ways of bending the rules.

For standing, the leading arm can only be supported by the hip of the shooter...

One question I would have is how would a shooter be penalised if the people marshalling adjudged the shooter to be taking illegal shots?

Matt my arm is about 12" to short 6" either side of the elbow to put on my hip
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